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Pictures from CMA 2014-New Brunswick & Maine:
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Lafayette Travel-Cajun History, Culture, Language

Searching for your Genealogical Records
This site may be of immense help in giving ideas and guides for
researching your family tree project.



Acadian-Cajun Genealogy & History
This is a 500+ page site containing the most comprehensive online
treatment of the Genealogy, History, and Culture
of the Acadian and Cajun Culture

Acadian and French Canadian Ancestral Home
Daily updated site by Lucie LeBlanc Consentino
with over 500 pages of Canadian Ancestry research
and now includes a "Newsletter" published monthly.
Includes a listing of families organized for 
Congres' Mondial Nova Scotia-2004

  Acadian Genealogy
by: Yvon Cyr
A vast web site and hot links to Acadian, Canadian, Cajun Genealogy
including links to just about anything you would like to read and learn
about the Acadian Culture.  This site includes order forms for all types
of genealogy based items-CD's, Books, Music and much more.
Rated one of the top genealogy sites on the web.

Council for the Development of French in Louisiana

Acadian Genealogy Links
by: Tim Hebert
This includes 16 pages of Acadian & Cajun Genealogy Links,
including some French-Canadian Links.
Expect to spend a whole day surfing the different sites.
Includes Genealogy Societies,  Institutions, Tourism Info.

Acadian Memorial
A memorial dedicated to the Acadian People, with artist's
rendition of a people without a home for so
many years.

Fédération des Associations de Familles Aacadiennes, Inc.
This is the organization that CAFA was patterened after.
Includes links to Websites for some Canadian Cousins.
(En Francais)

Louisiana Travel Info
Information on Louisiana History, Heritage, Where to Go, Festivals & Events
Family Fun, Music, Outdoors, Press & PR
Making a Reservation, Search

A non-profit organization dedicated to Promote and
preserve Cajun Music & Culture


Features links to all kinds of Louisiana, Acadian and Cajun Articles
by "Jimo" creator of Cajun Net

  Index of Acadian Families in France (bi-lingual)
  This is an opening to sites for Aucoin, Boudrot, Daigle, Godet, 
Guillot & Trahan Families by François Roux.
Includes maps of regions these families originated from
as well as genealogy, etc.

  La Fédération des Familles-souches Québécoises Inc.
A large site, in French, of the major families in the Quebec province.
Organized in 1983, a site with a wealth of information including
links to all major Canadian Archives.

  Clare's Congrés Mondial Nouvelle Ecosse-2004 Web Site
A listing of CMA-2004 Families with reunions already scheduled,
including dates of meetings and reunions, etc. (Bi-Lingual)

     The Cheticamp Nova Scotia Web Site
A site by the town of Cheticamp with updates for families 
planning the 2004 reunion at that location with contact names
for those families at that location

Evangeline Trail, Nova Scotia
A very informative site for those wanting information on where to eat,
where to stay, including campsites, what there is to see, articles about the
area and much more.  A must site to surf for those expecting to go 
to CMA Nova Scotia-2004.

A huge site with more than 98,500 links in over 150 categories. 
Be sure to check out the new uncategorized links in the works.
Also you can go directly to the Acadian Section if you so desire.

A public forum whereby you can post questions and expect answers
on finding long lost family ancestors, etc. A large site therefore take
time to really surf all the different avenues involved.

Louisiane a la carte, inc.
A clearinghouse for Louisiana French and the promotion of Francophone
cultural tourism and hospitality industry.


Foods, Sauces, Spices, Baskets, Gifts, Prizes, Fun

The Cajuns.Com

Dedicated to Cajun Genealogy, History and Culture


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