Who & What is CAFA

This organization was formed and incorporated as a non-profit corporation on
May 28, 1998.  CAFA is patterned after a similar organization in New Brunswick, Canada, known as FAFA.  CAFA is dedicated to helping all organized Acadian
Family Associations 
by furnishing volunteer workers from a core of delegates
from each family association.  The officers are elected from this core at the
annual meeting held each November.

Special Note:  The words Acadian, Cajun, Acadiana are used in the broadest definition, and in our objectives, means anyone living in the Acadiana area of Louisiana and using or wish to use French as an alternative language, whether
they be French Canadian, descendants from the “Grand Derangement” forced expulsion that came to Louisiana, persons who arrived directly from France or
from any other Francophone country and who have adopted the Acadian (Cajun) culture.

Our Objectives

  1. Promote the culture and genealogy of the Acadian Families.

  2. Represent and coordinate the interests of all Acadian Families.

  3. Allow each organized Family Association to operate distinctively and
    separately in their own entity.

  4. Further charitable, religious, educational and scientific purposes to
    the good of the Acadian people.

  5. Promote tourism to and from Acadiana.

Our Immediate Goal

Doing our utmost to supplement Foreign Language Classes in our area schools
with supplies and funding to perpetuate the French Language.
Helping the continued formal organization of Acadian Families. 
Serving as an index to Acadian Family Websites.

Using the words of the late Dewey Balfa, world renowned Acadian Musician:
"My culture is not better than anybody else's culture.  My people were not
better than anybody else.  And yet I will not accept it as a second-class culture.
It's my culture.  It's the best culture for me.  Now I would expect, if you have a
different culture, that you would feel the same about yours as I feel about
Dewey Balfa helped organize the first Tribute to Cajun Music in 1974 in Blackham
Coliseum, Lafayette, La. which grew into Festivals Acadiens.

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