Des Richard de Partout, Inc.


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  A meeting of "Des Richard de Partout, Inc." was held on Sunday, April 28 at Catfish Haven in St. Martin Parish.  One hundred fifty-eight adults were in attendance plus the children.  It was the Richard's annual meeting and fundraising meeting.  The one day program was devoted to visiting, genealogy and good food.

Four of the families volunteered to cook their specialty (chicken sauce piquant; Jambalaya; fried catfish; hot dogs and hamburgers for the kids.)  Each family donated the food so the profit was 100 percent.  Beaucoup desserts and other dishes were provided by members.  Twenty seven new members joined and we sold all our stock of T-Shirts.

This is a great way to do family activities and I highly recommend it to all families.

As many of our members are also members of the Sonnier Family Association, please be informed that the Sonnier Family has just printed two books containing 15,000 names of Sonnier Genealogy.  The two volume set is $80.00 plus $10.00 for postage.  The books can be orded by calling Louise Sonnier at 337-234-3167, or can be seen at:
1104 Ave. A, Scott, La.


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