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The Lege/Leger/Legere Family organized their own Family Association in March, 2000, received their charter from the State of Louisiana. The current officers and board members are:

President:          Albert (Butch) Leger -
Vice President:   Sue Lege Neveaux -
Secretary:           Joycie Lege Broussard-
Treasurer:         John (Ray) Lege -

Other Board Members elected:
Ranson Lege:
Sue Lege Neveaux:
Connie Rost:
Joycie Broussard:
Byron Goodwin:
Randall (Randy) Lege:
Lou Leger -
John (Ray) Lege -
Arine L. Prejean -


Committees Chairpersons:
Historian                                   Ranson Lege -
Membership:                             Joyce Lege -
Bulletin:                                     Kati Rost -
Genealogy:                                Lou Leger -
                                                 Personal Family Page -
Reunion:                                    Joycie Lege Broussard -
                                                 Sue Lege Neveaux:                  



There may be some confusion yet as to whether a Lege/Leger family is from the La Rosette Leger line or the Richelieu Leger line.  For many years it was thought that all Leger's were traced to La Rosette, but in recent years, we have found it is not so.  If you can trace your ancestors back to Michel Lege and Angelique Pinet, your ancestral line goes back to the Richelieu Legers.

Please look to this page in the future for any news about this fairly new organization.


1.  An on-going series of Leger History, written by our Historian, Ranson Lege, appears in each Association Bulletin that comes out semi-annually.
2.  The next meeting of this Association will be held in 2012
3.  The Second Richelieu Leger Family Reunion was held on April 26, 2003.
4.  The Legers, along with other Acadian Families, participated in the Mini Congrs held in Rayne, La., June 13, l4 and 15, 2003.  Chairpersons:  Joycie & Curtis Broussard -
5.  The Trahan/Leger Reunion was held in Nova Scotia, as part of the Congrs Mondial Acadien-2004, on August 6, 7 and 8, 2004 at the Old Orchard Inn in Wolfville, N. S.   The Trahan site has pictures and info on the Old Orchard Inn.

We ask that all Lege/Leger/Legere Families submit their family genealogical information to the Genealogy Chairperson,  Lou Leger -   We have a very active Genealogy Committee who are working diligently to have as complete a data base as possible and need your help to be able to accomplish this.

During the reunions with Congrs Mondial Louisiana-1999, the Legers were part of the reunion with the Trahan Family. For pictures of some of these activities with their Canadian Cousins, along with a narration of the reunions, go the the Trahan Web Site.

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