The Richelieu




We're Proud of Louisiana, Our Country
by:  Lucy Leger
Taken from an article in "Les Bons Jours" Lafayette, La.
monthly newspaper published by The Lafayette Council on Aging, Inc.


The people of Louisiana are a proud breed.  Their forefathers came here to this land to settle when they were expelled from Canada.  The Acadians build a land almost with their bare hands.  They came here with a little of nothing and made something in which to be proud.

These people believed in their own efforts and made this country what is is today, even though the deck was stacked against them.  Their efforts counted.  They had no one to count on but their own ingenuity.  They forged their own future.

These are the people who built our homeland.  They came to a wilderness and dared to build their homes, plow the fertile lands and carve out a future for generations to come.  They dared to fight for their beliefs and freedom.  They dared to take a chance.

These values, these beliefs, may seem old fashioned, but they are the values and beliefs that made this land what it is today.

Let's take a moment to remember these forefathers and have pride in our land, its people and the brave pioneers who gave us this land.

Lucy Leger