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Who is "Arine?"
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Arine, currently the vice-president of the Richelieu Léger Family
Association, was born in Duson, LA in 1933 on a farm.  She graduated
from high school in Scott in 1952, having played basketball for four
years, making All-Stars and All-State.  Arine married in 1953, had her
first child in 1954, moved to New Orleans, where she had another child.
She moved back to Lafayette around 1956-57 where she is currently
living.  She now has six children who are all grown and live away with
busy lives of their own, three children are married and she has three
grandchildren.  Her youngest child is in the military.

Arine is a seamstress who makes unique and personal craft items, quilts
of all sizes, including T-shirt quilts.  In her spare time, she likes to
type and play games on the computer, do gardening and work in her yard
with all kinds of plants.  She particularly likes houseplants.  Her
husbands has been known to pick up dead plants that stores throw out and
take them home to Arine so she can see if she can revive them, which she
does lots of times.
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