The Richelieu




By Evelyn Lege

A number of Leger's attended a recent general meeting on November 9, 2002 at the home of Joycie and Curtis Broussard in Maurice, followed by an endless number of very delicious covered dishes for supper.

Election of officers and board members took place during the meeting with the following results: Officers re-elected to a second term were Butch Leger, President;  Arine Prejean, Vice President.  Also serving are Lou Leger, secretary and Ray Lege, treasurer.  Three new board members were elected to fill vacancies on the ten-member board: Joycie Broussard, Connie Rost and Byron Goodwin.  Other board members are Ranson Lege, Sue Lege Neveaux, and Evelyn Lege.

Historian Ranson Lege traveled from his home in De Funiak Springs, Florida to attend the meeting and read from the Charter Agreement (between the  ship owners and the representatives of the Spanish government) drawn up in preparation for the trip to Louisiana by "Le Bon Papa" and the other six French ships.  This document described the daily ration for the passengers, and specified that vinegar would be loaded for cleaning and disinfecting the ship, and that in place of fresh sheep meat for the sick, one hundred chickens would be loaded.  Ranson compared the meager rations for our ancestors, which consisted mainly of biscuits, beans and rice, to the bountiful amount of food for the Association dinner after the meeting.

New on the agenda is a proposed "Leger Cookbook",  featuring "old Leger" recipes as well as" favorites of present day Legers".  All Legers (and anyone else interested) are encouraged to send in their old and favorite recipes as soon as possible.  Be sure the recipes are clear and readable, if written by hand. Deadline for accepting recipes is February 15, 2003.  If successful, the cookbook should be available at the next Leger reunion in April 2003.

Please send recipes to Joycie and Curtis Broussard, 9829 Dupre Rd., Maurice, La. 70555, or e-mail them to:   Their daughter and son-in-law, Janetta and Kelly Touchet have volunteered to put the cookbooks together.

The Richelieu Leger Family Association continues to grow, as well as our database.  We encourage all Legers to join to get the full benefit of the ongoing series of Leger history in each Leger bulletin.  The next bulletin will be mailed early December.   Joyce Leger, Membership Chairperson, 893-0736 can fill you in on details. 

Be sure to check out the Leger website for details about our Association's mini-reunion:   April 26th, 2003 is the date set for the second Leger Reunion to be held in Abbeville, La. and the Leger Association will participate in  the Acadian Festivities as part of the Louisiana Purchase celebration next June. 

As noted on prior pages, the next meeting and reunion will be held in Abbeville, La. on April 26, 2003.