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by:   Lucy Leger

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This "Coat of Arms" was specifically designed for the Legér's/Legé's/Legere's of Louisiana and was copyrighted by the "Richelieu Leger Family Association, Inc. for their use, and may not be reprinted or used without the express permission of the Richelieu Léger Family Association, Inc.


1.  The red in the top right quarter of the shield, the blue in the lower left quarter and the white represent the tri-color, the flag of France, the country of our ancestors; origin.

2.  The small cross in the top left quarter represents the churches of Saint-Martin-de-le-Place, Saint Lambert-des-Levees, and Saint Michel in Fontevraud l'Abbaye, where our ancestors, Etienne, Francois, and Jean Leger, and their families practiced their Catholic faith.

3.  The large white cross traversing the center of the shield, the two light blue quarters, and the white fleur-de-lis in the lower right quarter, come from the flag of Quebec, where Jean Leger settled in the new world.

4.  The gold quill and key in the red quarter represents Jean Leger dit Richelieu, Guardian of the King's Warehouse of Quebec.

5.  The gold anchor in the dark blue quarter represents Michel Leger dit Richelieu, the sailor.

6.  The gold star represents Our Lady of the Assumption, Patroness of the Acadians, and the fact that Michel Leger dit Richelieu married an Acadian and suffered through the exile with the Acadians.

7.  The crest is a pelican which represents Louisiana, where the surviving children of Michel Leger dit Richelieu were accepted and nurtured, represented by the three young pelicans in the nest.

8.  The banner above the crest reads "N'oubliez jamais!"  (Never forget!).