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 12 Feb 09

Dear Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Brothers, Sisters, Sons, Daughters, and in-laws:

Around this time last year we mailed a newsletter to the Le Blanc membership.  We again will report on our state of affair and solicit support, and the participation of your sons, daughters, grandkids, and any Le Blanc relatives.

The purposes of this newsletter is:

  1. Sharing news from our Association Officers and Directors;
  2. Presenting plans and needs of our Association;
  3. Scheduling a pot-luck dinner on 28 Mar 09 at the Erath City Park Facility for our Le Blanc families;
  4. Identifying a Vermilion Tours agenda for CMA 2009 to New Brunswick, Canada;
  5. Requesting data from active and perspective members; and,
  6. Soliciting young professionals desiring to become mentored and help lead our Association.

Over the past 2-4 years we became semi-active as we addressed reconstruction issues created by Gulf hurricanes.  We know many sustained losses; some are still awaiting resolutions from insurance companies and our Government, and many were also instrumental in addressing FEMA and LA related issues; your Board became semi-active so that we could address these pressing issues.  We are now ready to move “full steam” ahead with your active assistance and participation.

In the recent past we participated in CAFA and other Acadian events.  At one of the Acadian Festivals in St. Martinsville LA, we symbolized the arrival of our forefathers when Mr. Elwood Le Blanc and Mrs. Inez Le Blanc Vincent, representing the Le Blanc Family, paddled up the Teche and landed near the Evangeline Oak.  Your officers, Board, and many cousins witnessed that event.  We also participated in the 200-year anniversary of the LA Purchase. Can you name the 14 states carved out of the LA Purchase of 1806?

We are working CMA 2009 issues for the 15-29 Aug 09 events in New Brunswick, Canada; there are several tours scheduled.  We are also supporting a CMA 2014 bid for SW LA; Ray Trahan is chairing this effort with the assistance of many.  If successful, a great turnout in SW LA is expected for CMA 2014; recall the CMA 2004 turnout with over 2000 participants for the Le Blanc Family celebration at the Erath City Park.  Erath wants to again sponsor this Le Blanc Family reunion.

Many will visit SW Louisiana if CMA 2014 is awarded to LA.  Housing is available, however, in-home stays for cousins are preferred.  Further, CMA 2014 can be a much-needed economical benefit for Louisiana and Acadia.  Your officers and Board are sharing their time and talents pro bona --- please join us.  We will know in Aug 09 if the CMA 2014 bid is successful for LA.

Your Board scheduled a potluck dinner for 1200 on 28 Mar 09 at the Erath City Park.  To serve 4-6 people, please bring your favorite dish and or dessert.  Sandi Sagrera, Vermilion Tours, will provide meat and rented the facility.  Our objective is to visit, renew old faces, share food and old tales, and listen to Sandi’s proposed tours to CMA 2009; you will be able to reserve your seat for $50.00.  For those who have not visited Acadie (Maritime Providences in Canada), you will have opportunities to see and visit Niagara Falls, Quebec City, Moncton, etc. An once-in-a-lifetime experience --- Sandi‘s Q&A session will present details.  Your early membership renewal also helps absorb costs of stamps, mail outs and gatherings.

We will appreciate receiving your renewal by 10 Mar 09 so that we can complete plans for the dinner.  Please complete the application and mail with the $12 annual dues to Mr. Carroll J. Le Blanc, Treasurer, 612 Cambridge Drive, Lafayette LA 70503; make check payable to:  La Famille de Le Blanc.  Our membership list will be updated; the planning committee, and family data by Gen. Bob, our Genealogist, will use potluck data. 

I am also working with Loubert Trahan to update our web page, and when it is ready, we will be able to obtain and provide data on-line.  Meanwhile, please forward ASAP the enclosed application with data and dues to Carroll Le Blanc.  Lifetime members need to respond with updated data, or state that “no changes” are required.

With your renewal, please provide names, date of birth, and addresses of your paternal and maternal grandparents. Gen. Bob should be able to show a direct linkage to Daniel Le Blanc and Francoise Gaudet of Acadie (Nova Scotia, Canada).  New data for the database will be added to data collected by Relie Le Blanc, Presley Le Blanc, and Joe Le Blanc, and updated from multi-sources by Gen. Bob.  For example, Le Blanc linkages for Joe are cited below, and if you prefer to not provide family data, that’s OK, but do return the form, your personal data, and the annual fee.

We need a person or persons to maintain and update the Le Blanc database. Also, we are soliciting young professionals to lead our Association after a few years of mentoring.  Please don’t hesitate to recommend someone who can and would represent us well for CMA 2014 and over the next decades.

We look forward to your participation in the potluck dinner and your visit to the Erath City Park on 28 Mar 09.  If you cannot be present for the get-together, please forward the renewal form, updated data, and annual dues of $12.00 by 10 Mar 09.  Hope to see you all there.

Votre Cousins,

Joseph U. Le Blanc, President

Elwood P. Le Blanc, Vice-President

Courtney Thibodeaux, Secretary

Carroll J. Le Blanc, Treasurer

Lona Le Blanc Bourque, Board Member

Robert (Bob) Le Blanc, Board Member (Past President)

P.S. Have you seen or spoken with DeWitt's or White's?  Did you know that Simon White’s decedents from Lowell MA are Simon Le Blanc’s decedents? Why?  Yankee employers denied work to French speaking immigrants --- hence, name changes.

Example:  Dr. Joseph (Joe) Urlan Le Blanc Linkages to Daniel’s sons: Jacques, Rene, Andre, and Antoine

1.        … Jean Le Blanc (1676), Jacques (1651), Daniel (1626)

2.        … Marie Le Blanc (1689), Jacques (1651)

3.        Joseph U. Le Blanc (1937) (12th generation descendant!), August Bernard (1912), Amar (1881), Eloi II (1858), Eloi (1834), Clet (1800), Antoine (1770), Simon (1747), Desire (1716), Rene II (1682), Rene (1657), Daniel (1626) 

4.        … Anne Le Blanc (1704), Jacques (1678), Rene (1657)

5.        … Elizabeth Le Blanc (1713), Pierre (1689), Andre (1659)

6.        … Julie Le Blanc (1856), Onezime (1833), Jean (1796), Rene II (1750), Rene (1701), Antoine (1662)

7.        … Marie Le Blanc (1687), Antoine (1662)

8.        … Marguerite Le Blanc (1706), Charles (1684), Antoine (1662)

9.        … Simon Le Blanc (1734), Rene (1701), Antoine (1662)


Linkages and supporting data on Le Blanc’s are available in the database that is being maintained by Gen. Bob.  With confirmed data on grandparents, linkages to Daniel can be generated for a nominal fee. We can use members.

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