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February 2008

Mais chere amie Ö

How many remember this radio introduction?  This was a trademark of  LA Senator Dudley J. Le Blanc, a descendant of Daniel Le Blanc and Francois Gaudet.  Senator Le Blanc was one of the 1st Cajun to trace his Acadian history (Le Blanc Heritage).  We knew about the deportation of our Cajun forefathers from Acadie by the British from 1750 to 1775, and Warren Perrin, Erath, added value to our heritage. For about 20 years Warren pursued issues showing that our Cajun forefathers were harmed and wrongly removed from Acadie (i.e., Nova Scotia).  Warren asked for an apology that was officially granted by Queen Elizabeth in late 2005 (See Acadian Museum,   ).

With six sons and one daughter, descendants of Daniel and Francois will find cousins across the globe (e.g., Le Blanc, LeBlanc, Leblanc, White, Whites, DeWitts, LaBlanco, Blanco).  In the last two decades, the Worldwide Acadian Congress became an on-going event that brought attention to the plight of our forefathers, and most important, brought together many cousins from Acadie and across the globe. 

In 1995 Relie Le Blanc and I attended the 2nd Congress and a Le Blanc Reunion in Nova Scotia; imagine over 2600 Le Blancís and Whiteís at the Deupe Fairgrounds. In 2000 the 3rd Congress was in SW Louisiana and the Le Blanc Reunion in Erath LA; his Excellence, Romelus Le Blanc, the Canadian representative to the Queen attended.  The 2005 Congress was in the Canadian Maritime Province, and the 2009 Congress will be in Cariket, New Brunswick.  A Louisiana Delegation is formulating plans to host the 2014 Congress in SW Louisiana.  The 2014 efforts will require the assistance of many from Louisiana Acadia with benefits will far exceeding costs.  We will host Acadian families, hold family reunions, establish lasting relationships, and gain millions of dollars in tourist dollars --- a great boast to the LA economy.

Loubert G. Trahan is updating our Le Blanc web site.  We will have referenced data, and a membership application.  With funds needed to pay for postage and related expenses while planning for the next Congress, dues for the last four years were $0.00/year and the 2008 dues is $10.00/year.  Please complete and update your application and mail with your dues to Mr. Carol Le Blanc, Treasurer, Lafayette LA.   For the life-time membership fee, please contact me directly.

Yearly at the St. Martinsvilleís festival, two Cajun families are recognized.  In 2007 the Bourque and Le Blanc families were recognized; Inez Le Blanc Vincent and Elwood Le Blanc from Erath represented the Le Blanc Family and floated down the Bayou Teche to a landing at the Evangeline Oak.  This year the Broussard and Trahan families  will be recognized; native Americans will participate to help recreate the event.  Please mark your calendar for 18 Mar 07 and plan to be at the Evangeline Oak to recognize the Broussardís and Trahanís.  We will also have a short Le Blanc Family Reunion about 1030 before the arrival of the Broussardís and Trahanís.  Please check the web site for details.

Since the 2009 Congre will be help in New Brunswick, plans are being formulated to have family reunions in and around the Carriket.  More details will follow.  Mr. (318-   ) is organizing a motorcade.  There are also several bus tours scheduled; Elwood Le Blanc (318-937-      ) is coordinating requests for our Le Blanc Family. You can also obtain on-going data from the CAFA web page.  Please contact these individuals directly.


JOSEPH U. Le BLANC, President

La Famile des Le Blanc

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