The World Would be Worse off Without the Cajun Culture
Article by Daniel N. Paul, Halifax, N. S.

Ancestry in Acadiana
What's in a name?

In Search of a Friendly Land
The heart-warming story of how the Spanish helped the Acadian exiles
find shelter from the storm of hardship and hostility
that followed them for 30 years.

Names and Places-Then & Now
A comparison list of names of places in the Canadian Maritime Provinces
as they were in the 1700's and what they are today

The Acadian Odyssey
A treatise of the finding of L'Acadie by French Fishermen, the settling 
of Nova Scotia, the Exile (Le Grand Derangement) and its aftermath,
and finally the settling of Acadian (Louisiana)

Final Journey Home
The story of the building and dedication of a replica of Saint-Charles-aux Mines
Church, Grand Pre, Nova Scotia by an Acadian Craftsman from Lafayette, La.

Cajun Culture & Faith
An article by Fr. Tom Peterman, Ph.D.
Historian Diocese of Wilmingtnon Delaware
Fr. Mitchell Guidry, Gueydan, La.
Describes what our ancestors did to preserve our culture and what we are failing to do to preserve it.

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