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Only about one month before many of us depart for Nova Scotia. Thanks to all who responded on the slip question – Are you going to Nova Scotia ? We are compiling a list to send to those preparing the Hebert reunion in Amherst (Nova Scotia) to serve as an RSVP to allow them to be better informed as to the names and number of people expected.

Are you still undecided about traveling to Nova Scotia and the Hebert reunion? Time is just about up if you plan to use travel agency tours.

We made a quick check with the three agencies listed in our March newsletter.

Vermilion Cajun Tours–337-893-2663 –a bus tour-Christy says four buses are filled.

Branson & Beyond Tours-337-896-8645-Air/bus Faith says two buses are filled plus others flying.

The Life of the Cajun Tours-985-537-3179-Air/bus

Final date to sign up has passed.

We are told there will be another reunion in Caraquet in New Brunswick in 2009. Many of us will also be going to New Brunswick this year.

Excitement is in the air as festivities have begun in many communities celebrating the landing of Sieur de Monts and Samuel de Champlain on the shores of LaHave River, Acadie on May 8, 1604 and beginning of French colonization in North America.

Here in Amherst, your Hebert cousins are busy in putting the final plans in place for our grand Hebert Family Reunion to take place here on August 13-14, 2004. We are few in number and are thankful for the assistance of our family members from New Brunswick who have shared their reunion experience and encouragement. The Henri Family will join us in celebrating their reunion at the Amherst Regional High School - they bring a great deal of enthusiasm to the party. Advanced registration has reached 350 to date. We are asking all who have registered to confirm reservations for the closing banquet not later than July 15 along with prepayment in the amount of $10.00 per adult, $8.00 per child under 12 years of age. Reservations and payment should be forwarded to The Hebert Family Reunion Association, 1285 Southampton Rd., RR 6, Amherst, NS B4H 3Y4, Canada.

A highlight of our reunion will be celebration of a Bilingual Mass at near by Beaubassin, one time capital of Acadie and home to many of our ancestors. This will be the FIRST mass celebrated at the site since 1750 when the village was burned in advance of the British troops arrival at the head of the Bay of Fundy. From the site one can see the villages of Tantramar, Minude, Nappan and the ancient Village Hebert and other Acadian communities which made up the parish of Beaubassin between 1671 and 1755.

The actual site of Beaubassin is presently in private hands. We hope to have this site declared a National Historic site and perhaps available to us for our reunion. Last autumn, I had the opportunity to walk on the actual site and visit the resting place of so many of our ancestors. The emotional impact of walking this hallowed ground will remain with me forever. Other Acadian Family Reunions in our area during the first two weeks of August include the Arsenault, Babineau-Granger, Bourgeois, Cormier, Gauvan, Hache-Gallant, Henry and Morin families.

Plan to come early, share our history, renew old acquaintances and meet friends and cousins who await you as family.

Our Organizing Committee looks forward to welcoming you.

Gord Hebert

PS: Gordon has asked for your help:

If you are coming to the Hebert Reunion in Nova Scotia and you play music, bring your musical instrument and help entertain us by playing a few songs for us at the Friday evening opening event. If you can do this, contact us by info given below.

We are in need of two Acadian-Cajun flags size about 36x70. The flag has (on left) a white triangle containing a gold star, top is blue with three fleur de lies and bottom is red with a gold fortress.


By Andy Hebert

The descendents of Sylvain and Corine Hebert family will have a reunion on Saturday, June 26 at 4 pm in the Cleophas Meeting Hall in Thibodaux, LA. Please note that this is a private party only for the descendants of this family. For more information family members may contact Andy at 972-824-5715.


The Hebert Association has had available, in the past, items for sale that you may be interested in purchasing as gifts for the special Heberts in your family. Numerous items have been sold to meet this special need and are only available via the Association. Things such as Hebert license plates, t-shirts and a very popular and cherished item…the Hebert afghan are a few of the items that we can make available. Our newsletter can be a vehicle to make you aware of what can be made available. The Association must purchase these items and then hopefully sell them all. This helps the Association financially by making a very small profit. Timing is important because these items must be ordered and sold prior to the holidays. We hope to have a list, price and identification of these items in our next (September) newsletter.


We are planning to have stories and pictures of our travel to the Nova Scotia area for the next newsletter. Should any member wish to include a story or picture please contact Kathy and I as soon as you return so we can prepare them in time for the September mailing. We are not sure how we will do the pictures but if you email or postal mail them to us we will try our best to include as many as possible. We feel that pictures of our Canadian cousins would get priority.

John & Kathy Hebert 225-622-4412

18488 Belle Alliance Rd.

Prairieville, LA 70769 john02@eatel.net