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August 11, 2002
   Cultural Center,
Abbeville, LA

Members Present:
Woody Hébert, Pres., Byron Hébert, Barbara Hébert, Joe Hébert, Ray Légé, Joyce H. Légé, Buddy Hébert, Gloria Hébert, Edwin Hébert, Randy Légé, Russell Gaspard, Charles Hébert, Carol M. Hébert (guest), Paul Hébert, Mrs Lilian M. Hébert (guest).

President Woody Hébert opened the meeting at 1:10 p.m..  The minutes were not read as they had been misplaced.  Randy L. gave an abbreviated  Treasurer's report.  He reported that the CDs are due to mature in November, 2002.
Joe and Barbara Hébert will carry the banner for the Hébert Family into church for the French Mass in St. Martinville on August 15.  Joe will call Jolene Adam to tell her who will carry the banner.  Russell Gaspard reported that he had been in touch with those working
on possible arrangement for the Hébert Family reunion to be held in Nova Scotia in 2004.  He has been in touch with Gordon Hébert and Olivier LeBlanc who are looking into possible sites.  A campground in Kingston was mentioned, but it is more probable that it will be held in Amherst. The dates will be August 3-4, 2004.  The Canadian government will give each family $1,000 to help defray expenses.  Our Hébert Family Association can think about giving the Nova Scotia group a stipend to help also.

Woody H. asked the board members if we wanted to donate $1,000 to CAFA again this year as we did last year to be given for the French Immersion programs.  The money would be used to buy supplies, films, etc. for the programs.  After some discussion, no motion was carried through to donate again this year, since CAFA does not seem to be in need of additional funds at this time.  It was decided to reserve funds to use for events in the 2003 Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial and CMA 2004.

On June 13,14 and 15, 2003 there will be a Louisiana Purchase Bicentennial celebration at the Rayne, La. Civic Center.  This will involve both Acadian and non-Acadian families.  There will be booths available for families who wish to participate. $25,000 will be given from the state to promote tourism.  Information has been sent to 160 different families. Woody asked board members to decide if the Hébert Association wanted to handle the Beverages to be sold, with a percentage of the profits to go to the Association and the rest to go to CAFA. After a discussion it was decided  not to handle the beverages, as we do not have enough core workforce to handle both Beverages and Memorabilia and Genealogy booths.  CMA 2004 will have information to give out at the Rayne meeting about the 2004 Reunion in Nova Scotia.
Russell G. made a motion to order $1,000 worth of Afghans to sell at the 2003 Bicentennial celebration in Rayne, Charles H. seconded; the motion carried.  Books, license plates, and possibly pins can also be sold.  Russell also asked Woody to suggest to CAFA that the booths on paraphanalia and Genealogy be placed together instead of in different rooms.

Edwin H. reported that there are 104 paid up members in the Association.  Russell G. will keep publishing the Newsletter a while longer; Barbara H. offered to help him with it.  It was also suggested that we use the link to CAFA for getting some of our news on their

Woody asked that consideration be given to nominating a slate of officers for next year, but as there were no nominations made, it was tabled until a later meeting.  As there was no further business, Joe H. made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Randy L.  The meeting was adjourned at 2:50 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
/s/ Barbara H. Hébert, Secretary