Granger Crest  

"Granger Family Crest"

     Laurent Granger was born in 1637 at Plymouth, England. He is part of that small percentage of Acadians who do not have their roots in France. Having arrived in 1659, he married an Acadian, Marie landry. From his union 8 children were born.

Joseph Granger (third generation of this same lineage) born in 1707, was deported to Falmouth, england where he died in 1757.

"Grangers in Exile"

During the years of Exile from Acadia starting in 1750 till about 1770 members of the "Acadian Granger Family" have been found by researchers in these locations:
    In the "Colonies" of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, Pennsylvania,
    & South Carolina.
    Imprisoned at "Halifax Nova Scotia"
    Imprisoned at "Falmouth England" & on the "Channel Islands".
    In "Normandy France"

  "Grangers Inscribed in the "Viet Nam Wall"

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