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As part of our familiesí work, the committee is collecting Genealogical data on the Gaspard, Panier dit Picard and Laviolette family lineages. We encourage you to assist us in this undertaking by sending your Genealogy data to our Genealogy Chairperson or the Genealogy Person for either the Gaspard, Panier dit Picard and Laviolette lineages. Your information will not be used for any commercial or religious purpose by the committee members. It will, however, be used at any of the Gaspard-Picard-Laviolette Family Reunions to allow our members to obtain family data from our computer files. Copies of these family lineages will be sold at the any of our GPL Family Reunions to cover the cost of the printing and other associated costs relating to these lineage files. We encourage you not to send in any private information. We will include your information in our GPL data base if the information is verified with proper substantiated documentation.

Gaspard, Picard (Panier dit Picard) and Laviolette
Gaspard-Picard-Laviolette Chairperson
Name, Address, Phone & E-Mail - To Be Determined
Note:  All Gaspard, Picard and Laviolette Genealogy data to be
maintained by the Gaspard-Picard-Laviolette Chairperson

Gaspard Genealogy Only
Don Gaspard
126 Del Mauro Road
Candor, New York  13742

Picard (Panier dit Picard) Genealogy Only
Name, Address, Phone - To Be Determined

Laviolette Genealogy Only
Name, Address, Phone - To Be Determined


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