Trahan Family Members Enjoy an Outing

Rev. Leo Maillet is Guest and Enjoys Dining on Seafood

Rev. Leo Maillet traveled to Louisiana in his genealogical research of Trahan and Maillet Families, and was therefore entertained by his hosts, Ernest Ray and Brenda Comeaux Trahan.  In so doing several Trahan Family Assoc. members were introduced to Father Leo, and as all Acadians, did "Pass a Good Time", and that meant dining, and dining, and dining.  Rev. Maillet attended a reunion of the Maillet Family Assoc. while in Louisiana before returning home in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

Rev. Leo Maillet enjoying raw oysters on half-shell.

L to R:  Mitch Conover at end of table, Earline T. Conover, Carlin Trahan, Charles Trahan and son Robbie and Mrs. Charles, Mona F. Trahan.

Father Maillet enjoying desert while chit chatting with his host, Brenda Comeaux Trahan

Ernest Ray introducing Guests: L to R
Seated: Brenda C. Trahan, Rev. Maillet, Michael and Judy D. Trahan, Michael Conover at far end. Standing:  Ronald & Marie Hebert with Ernest.

Foreground:  Mrs. Loubert (Anna C.) Trahan with Scotty and Emily B. Trahan and two sons, Gage, next to Scotty and older son Hunter with Grandma Brenda looking on.



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