Dugas & Guillot Families

Below are photos representing the presentation of teaching materials for the French Immersion Program at Prairie Elementary School, Lafayette, La. by the Dugas and Guillot Families.

This school is definitely ready for the season!

This says it so well:  Ici on parle franšais! (Here we speak French!)

All Smiles: Leroy Guillot, Third Grade Teacher Pierrette Dugas and Ken Dugas
Leroy and Ken were the contributing factors in getting help for the program at Prairie.

Books used in the program, some paid by the Dugas/Guillot Family Assoc.

Another fine example of the program:  Though taught in French, The Pledge, still indicates that the children are proud to be Americans, but bilingual.

Without the dedication of people such as:  Prairie Elem. Principal  Dana Schmersahl and Third Grade French Teacher Pierrette Dugas, programs such as the French Immersion would not be as successful.  To these and others so dedicated, OUR THANKS.