La Famille Cormier  NEWSLETTER

The location of the 2004 Cormier Family Reunion will be shared betwwen the Joggins - River Hebert area and the Town of Amherst. It was felt that the Joggins -River Hebert -Minudie area holds a very significant place in the history of the Cormier family and to Acadians in general. From this site our ancestors gathered coal from the Bay of Fundy shore at Joggins as early as 1650, they established the settlement of Minudie in the 1720's and reclaimed the marsh land from the sea by building dykes and aboiteau. River Hebert derives its name from Louis Hebert who explored the area with Champlain in the 1600's. River Hebert - Joggins is located approximately 25 km (18 miles) from the Town of Amherst, Nova Scotia. There are no motels or campgrounds in the Joggins - River Hebert area, although unserviced camp sites will be available during the reunion.

The registration fee for the reunion will be set at $10. This will be for both single and family. There may be a small fee charged at some of the other activities associated with the reunion.

Amherst was chosen to host the "finale" for the reunion to allow those who are travelling to be close to their accomadations. Amherst,which is located near the site of the village of Beaubassin is the principal service centre in the area. There are numerous motels and campgrounds in the greater Amherst area.

St Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Church will be holding its annual out door Mass at the Ragged Reef Cemetery on Sunday August 1 beginning at 3:00P.M.. We would encourage all to attend this service.

The village of Minudie which at one time was a major settlement in Acadia is located about 5 km from River Hebert and Joggins. A "must see" in Minudie are the restored St.Denis Roman Catholic Church (circa 1840) which was built by our Acadian ancestors when they returned to the area after the Deportation.

Located next door to St.Denis is the Amos "King" Seaman museum loacted in the restored one room school house. An original Acadian aboiteau is on display in the museum. This aboiteau predates the Deportation. The third Provincial Heritage Building to see is the Unitarian Church also built by Amos Seaman in the 1860's. Minudie and St.Denis R.C Church will be hosting the annual "Blessing of the Crops" celebration on Sunday August 8. This celebration dates back to early Acadian days. Check out the Minudie Heritage web site at Minudie Heritage

To view attractions in the River Hebert - Joggins area visit the River Hebert - Joggins Web Sit