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Leo Paul Cormier's Letter to Cormier's in Acadiana, July, 2000

Bonjour cher Cousin et Cousine de L'Acadie du Sud.

Time certainly does fly by, almost a year ago, we were gathered in Acadie du Sud for the Cormier Family Reunion, a good time, I am sure, was enjoyed by everyone who attended.  I know from our family who attended the Cormier Reunion, it was a memorable time that will never be forgotten.  All eleven of us shared special moments, the Cormier cousins we met, the friendly and warm welcomes we received from all our Cadjin (Cajun) Cousins.

Well, up here in L'Acadie du Nord, it's been a quite winter with lots of snow and cold weather.  Finally spring has arrived and things are starting to get busy.  Reunions will begin concerning the upcoming World Acadian Congress to be held in Canada in the year 2004.

One of the important things which I consider a priority is to establish a permanent link with L'Acadie du Sud.  This is to bring the two cultures closer together and one of the ways is with its music and history.  One of the easiest way is to have the message brought to our Acadian cousins is via the media.  So, we are in the process of establishing a radio program broadcast in the L'Acadie du Nord once a week.

The program, hopefully, will be called "L'Acadie du Nord rencontre L'Acadie du Sud."  This will consist of two hours weekly of traditional French Cadjun music and Acadian music with a bit of historical history on both cultures.

Another important fact in regards of bringing the two cultures closer together is the press release in the newspapers this week in L'Acadie in the opening of a Cadjin (Cajun) Restaurant at the village "Le Pays de la Sagouine."  A little bit of historical background is appropriate for those who are not familiar with this.  In L'Acadie, we have an "Acadian Village" similar to the one in Lafayette, but we also have a village called "Le Pays de la Sagouine" which was created by a well known Acadian novelist and playwright, Antoinine Maillet.  In this village which, is set in the late l800's and early 1900's, is a set of characters created by Antoinine, who live and perform daily at the village.  The new character created is named "Olympe" and she is going to be played by a well known person from Lafayette, by the name of Earlene Broussard, who is a direct descendant of the leader of the Acadian resistance during the 1755 Deportation, the legendary Joseph Broussard, known as "Beausoleil."  I am told that she will be in character and will be looking after the Cadjin Restaurant in the village.  So I am pleased to see this happening and I'm sure it will be a tremendous influence on the Acadians who visit the village.

In closing, on behalf of my family, I would like to personally say thank you to the wonderful Cormier cousins who for five years dedicated their time and energy to organize the beautiful Cormier Reunion held in Rayne, La. on August 7 and 8 of 1999.  Your work has not been forgotten and will not be forgotten, for you have touched the hearts of many, and many you will probably never know.  

Oblier jamais qui vous etres et prenez garde a vous autres de votre cousin de L'Acadie du Nord.

Leo-Paul Cormier, Cap Pele, New Brunswick

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