La Famille Cormier  NEWSLETTER

July 1, 2000

Hello to all Cormier Cousins,

Here it is nearly one year after the Cormier reunion, and I, for one, am starting to think about the reunion in 2004 in Nova Scotia.  I am starting to make plans as I am anxious to see all the wonderful cousins which I met in 1999, and others whom I have recently spoken to but have not yet met in person.  Thanks to our Cap Pele cousin, Leo Paul, who has introduced me to so many wonderful people from New Brunswick and Canada.  Please read Leo-Paul's Letter following my letter.

I have news from Robert "Bob" Cormier whom we met at the 1999 reunion who held a family Cormier reunion in New Bedford, Mass. on Saturday, July 8, 2000.  He tells me that 85 people attended the reunion and all had a great time.  The reunion started at noon and lasted till dusk.  There was music, door prizes, food and I know we made a Cajun out of Bob when he was here last summer, because he made up a big pot of "Red Beans and Rice" to serve at the reunion, which as he puts it, "It was a hit."  Bob said they are already starting to plan for next years reunion.  "Wonderful, Bob, keep the Cormier family together."

Ron and Nancy Cormier from Lebanon, Connecticut attended the opening of the New London Hampsted House on June 9, 2000.  This is a traveling exhibit which tells of the exiles sent to Connecticut in 1755.  The exhibit will be taken through the schools in Connecticut as well as being on display during the OpSail 2000 event in New London.  A Bronze Plaque commemorating the landing of the "First Displaced Person-THE ACADIANS" will be erected on the Riverwalk at the time.

Ron and Nancy also took a trip to California to see their son graduate from Medical School.  Congratulations to Dr. Cormier.  We wish you much luck and success. 

The Moncton newspaper, Times & Transcript, has been having articles on the Beaubassin area.  As most of you know, our forefathers were originally from Beaubassin.  Aerial photographs taken in 1950's shows where the village of Beaubassin was situated.  Many artifacts such as tombstones, religious artifacts and pottery which is connected to the early Acadians, have been excavated from this location which give historians an idea as to the way of life of these early Acadians.  This aerial map will allow more precise examination of the area.  It is the desire of the Parks Canada to rebuild the village as it was in the 17th century which would make it a great Tourist attraction.  This would allow many Acadian descendants to visit their ancestral home.  It is the hope of many historians that the government secures the property before a developer does.

If any of you are interested in getting information on Nova Scotia, please try the following addresses:

Parks Canada, Historic Properties, 1869 Upper Water St., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada  B3J 1S9
or call tool free 1-800-773-888 to receive a free vacation planner, or visit their web site at:
http://parkscanada.pch.gc.ca    also Tourism Nova Scotia, Quality Services, Box 519, Halifax, Nova Scotia,

B3J 2R7.

Those of you who are on the Internet and who would like to listen to New Brunswick's Acadian Radio station CJSE  89.5 Radio Beausjour, located in Shediac, New Brunswick, the address is:  http://www.capacadie.com/capradio/index.cfm

Mr. Norman Cormier, who was President of the Cormier reunion in Cap Pele in 1994, and who I have had the pleasure of speaking to, is affiliated with this wonderful station.  It carries a variety of music from Blue Grass, Country, Cajun and some wonderful old, old Acadian music.

I want to thank those of you who have renewed your memberships and also welcome new members.  I also ask that if you have any information that you would like to share with us, be it a reunion, genealogy information, or just to tell everyone what you have been doing this past year - we will be happy to hear from you and include your message in our newsletter.  Please submit articles, letters, or information to:  La Famillie Cormier, Inc., 1122 N. Dugas Road, Lafayette, La.  70507 or e-mail to:  BETTYCORMIER-DUCHARME@worldnet.att.net  or to:  bjd6049@louisiana.edu

I also ask that in your correspondence, whether it is membership, articles, or information, please include your return address, and if you have an e-mail address, please include it also.   Postage will be saved if we can send you information via e-mail.

If you will CLICK HERE you will be able to read our cousin Leo Paul's letter to his cousins.  We thank him for keeping in touch with us, and all the good work that he is doing to bring the North and South Cormier Acadians together.  Keep up the good work Leo, we appreciate it.

As I close for now, I bid you all a very, very safe and happy summer, and I love you all.

Betty Cormier-Ducharme, President
La Famille Cormier, Inc.