Famille Broussard/Beausoleil Family Reunion
Pomquet, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia
August 11 - 13, 2004

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A heartfelt thank you to all those who contributed to the success of the Broussard Family Reunion held Aug 11-13 in Antigonish and Pomquet. By all accounts the event was thoroughly enjoyed by more than 270 people in attendance.

The planning committee worked tirelessly over the past three years to plan and execute the event. As president of the planning committee, I’d like to thank my committee members for all of their efforts – Aldora Broussard, Jeanette MacLean, Michelle MacLean and Reid MacLean; Mary Ann and Clarence DeYoung and our group from Louisiana, the Famille Beausoleil Association:  Charles Broussard - President; Don Louis - Secretary- Treasurer;  Mitch Conover - Editor of the Beausoleil Gazette and Genealogist; and Harvey Broussard - Membership Chairman and Assoc. Genealogist.

The decorating committee was responsible for creating a wonderfully festive Acadian atmosphere at the Charles V. Keating Millennium Centre at St. FX University. A big thank you to volunteers Ron LeBlanc, Music Director and his students of Ecole Pomquet; Claressa and Roy DeYoung; Jean and Tiffany Delorey; Jennifer Lyons; Bernadette, Candace and Lorelei George; Elizabeth Dulac; May Bouchard, Pillar of the Community along with curator of the Acadian Museum "La Fane" in Pomquet and Lorraine Fennell, Librarian, knowledgeable in Acadian History and Genealogy and Olive Marie (Broussard) Aucoin Brasseur who wrote the Broussard song.

We were honored to have Warren Perrin an Acadian activist and the founder of the Acadian Museum in Louisiana, speak on the Proclamation from Queen Elizabeth II and Stephen White, a very prominent genealogist from the University of Moncton, speak on Alexandre (dit Beausoleil).

One of the highlights of the reunion was the Mass by Father Pierre Baccardax and the Acadian Choir which was followed by the unveiling of a plaque in honor of the Broussard name.

Then it was on to a delicious home-style Acadian lunch served at the St. Croix Church Hall in Pomquet. A special thanks to Dianne Rennie and the St. Croix Parish Ladies Group who prepared and served a wonderful taste of Acadie. The afternoon brought us to Chez Deslauriers (Tea Room) where homemade biscuits and strawberry jam/molasses were served along with Tea/Coffee accompanied by our cousins playing Acadian music with the fiddle, mouth organ and guitar. Some enjoyed the beach and boardwalk.

To these and all the others involved in the reunion, your efforts were very much appreciated. Together we created some wonderful memories and lasting impressions among Broussard’s from near and far.

With sincere thanks,
Sheila Broussard,
President, La Famille Broussard Family Society.



  • Plaque Unveiling August 2004

  • When we began planning this reunion, we felt it was important to somehow commemorate the Broussard heritage here in Pomquet and make a connection between the Broussard descendants in the United States and those in Nova Scotia.

  • During the expulsion, our ancestors, the Brossard’s left Acadie. Joseph and Alexandre Brossard fled to the United States while fighting to save the Acadian culture, their brother Claude remained in Port Royal. His sons, Pierre and Charles returned to France. Exiled from France, Charles and Pierre returned to Nova Scotia and settled in Pomquet. Joseph and Alexander (dit Beausoleil) settled in the United States and over the years, lost touch with the descendants who lived in Nova Scotia.

  • Today, we are here to recognize both the descendants from the United States and those here in Nova Scotia, and to commemorate our ancestor’s Joseph and Alexandre (dit Beausoleil) for fighting for Acadian culture and providing us with such a rich heritage, one of which we are very proud. This plaque will represent our pride, our gratefulness and the rejoining of our families, here in Pomquet, one of the birthplaces of our Acadian culture in Nova Scotia (Acadie).

  • This plaque, is being erected by La Famille Broussard Société, and was made possible by a donation from the Famille Beausoleil Association, Broussard, Louisiana.

  • The plaque reads:


  • "In Broussard, Louisiana, stands a monument dedicated to a man who spent most of his life two thousand miles north in Acadie. The British of his day called him an outlaw, murderer and pirate. The French called him a patriot, founder of New Acadia. One thing neither his friends nor his enemies called him was his baptized name, Joseph Broussard. They called him "Beausoleil.

    Joseph’s brother Claude settled in Port Royal. After the deportation, Claude’s sons, Charles and Pierre settled in Pomquet (1764 and 1792) and their descendants remain here to this day.

    This plaque, commerating the Broussard Heritage, was erected by La Famille Broussard Société, Nouvelle-Écosse, (Acadie) and was made possible by a donation from the Famille Beausoleil Association, Broussard, Louisiana, 8/12/2004"