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Genealogy of Antoine Bourg:

Genealogy of Antoine Bourg: This genealogy information has been updated with Stephen White’s recent publication "Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Acadiennes."


1. Antoine Bourg- was born 1609 in Martaize, France. Arrived in Acadie with Commander Isaac de Razilly in 1632. In 1636 Antoine moved to Port Royal to establish his farm. Antoine married Antoinette Landry in 1642 and according to the Port Royal census of 1671, they had 11 children.


I Francois b 1643 Port Royal; m 1665 PR Marguarite Boudrot d/o Michel Boudrot/Michelle Aucoin.

ii Marie b 1645 PR; m ca 1659-1661 PR Vincent Brault d 19 Apr 1730

iii Jean b 1646 PR; m 1667 Marguerite Martin d/oPierre Martin/Catherine Vigneau d 1698 Cobequid

iv Bernard b 1648 PR; m 1670 Francoise Brun d/o Vincent Brun/Renee Breau; d 1725 Cobequid.

v Martin b 1650 PR; m 1670 Marie Potet d/o___otet/Marie Gauterot. Resided at Cobeequid.

vi Jeanne b 1653 PR, m 1673 Jean Antoine Belliveau s/o Antoine Belliveau/Marie Guyon; (2) Cecil Melanson-2 children.

vii Renee b 1655 PR; 1672 (1) Charles Boudrot s/o Michel Boudrot/Michelle Aucoin; (2) Marie Corporon.

viii Huguette b 1657 PR; m 1675 Sebastien Brun s/o Vincent Brun/Renee Brot at PR; d 1708 France.

ix Jeanne b 1659 PR; m 1677 Pierre Comeau s/o Pierre Comeau/Rose Bayol PR; d aft 1708; 19 children

x Abraham b 1662 PR; m ca 1683 Marie Brun d/o Vincent Brun/Renee Breau

xi Marguerite b 1667 PR; m 1690 Louis Allain PR; d PR 13 Sept 1727

Note: Some sources have two additional children: Michel b 1665 and Madeleine       b 1666. If any members can offer information that validates these additions, please forward that information to us.

STEPHEN WHITE CHANGES: As a result of Stephen White’s recently released information, at least one of the ancestral lines published in our reunion genealogy book is under question. In fact we have 31 different members with the ancestral line under question. This particular line is Antoine, then Martin, then Francois Louis and on down to the member. According to Stephen White’s information, there is no such person as Francois Louis. There is a Francois, son of Martin, married to Madeleine Hebert. Then there is a Louis, son of Jean, married to Cecile Michel. Therefore, if we are to assume that Cecile Michel is the right wife, then we have to go with Louis, who is the son of Jean. So the ancestral line should be: Antoine-Jean-Louis instead of Antoine-Martin-Francois-Louis.

Note: This is going to be part of the genealogy discussion during the Bourg/Bourque meeting in Lafayette on April 8. Bring your genealogy information.






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