June  2011                       Nouvelle Bourg/Bourque                            Vol.  11   No. 1

La Famille Bourg/Bourque Acadienne Inc
A Newsletter for all:  Bourg-Bourque-Burke-Bour-Bourc-Bourck-Bourk-Bourke-(s)
Bonjour and we hope that all Famille Bourg/Bourque Acadienne members and
friends have a great year for 2011. 

This edition of Nouvelle Bourg/Bourque deals with a special event that will
occur during October of this year.  It is “Grand Reveil Acadien 2011” or “Great Acadian Awakening” .

We hope that you will plan to be part of it.

GRAND REVEIL ACADIEN:  This is sponsored by Louisiane-Acadie and is an invitation to come
explore and celebrate our Acadian culture in Louisiana.  The mission of GRA2011 is to awaken the
population of Louisiana, primarily those of Acadian descent and the youth, to the realization that our
language, culture and coastal lands are being threatened. It is the intent to seek support, partnerships,
solutions and concerted plans of action through large gatherings with Acadians and their friends from
all over the world.  It will happen from October 7-16, 2011 from New Orleans, Houma, Lake Charles,
Lafayette and surrounding communities.  Numerous musical concerts will be hosted during the event
including the “All Cajun and Acadian Star Tour” moderated by Zachary Richard who will host guest
musicians from Canada and Louisiana for a wide spectrum of music from the two countries, all with the
common theme “Les deux Acadies” the two Acadians. Education will also be a substantial part of the
two-week celebration with cultural spokespersons such as Maurice Basque(University of Moncton) and
Barry Ancelet (University of Louisiana at Lafayette) sharing their cultural experiences and genealogical
tracings at events throughout south Louisiana. Hopefully participants will sample unique local cuisines
during their visit, taking the message home with them that Louisiana seafood is safe to eat and doing so
aids in recovery from the BP oil spill.

So make plans now to attend some of the events scheduled during October 7-16th.
This is a tentative schedule of events:
Friday Oct 7--New Orleans  Reception and Press Conference and Unveiling of Acadian
Commemorative Plaque.

Saturday Oct 8th--New Orleans   Discover and visit the New Orleans area.

Sunday Oct 9th--Houma  Gathering of Acadians and Reception.  Unveiling of the Acadian
Monument and Cross.

Monday Oct 10th--Special tours of Houma and the Louisiana Bayou Region by Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Tuesday Oct 11th--Ceremony and conference in Lake Charles.

Wednesday Oct 12th--Discover Lake Charles and surrounding areas.
Thursday Oct 13th-- Lafayette Convention Center--Ceremony and Conference in Convention Center including
an ALL FAMILY GATHERING upstairs at Convention Center.
Bourg/Bourque noon Luncheon at Don’s Seafood Hut

Friday Oct 14th-- Discover Lafayette and Acadiana Area. Opening of Festival Acadiens
Et Creoles  at “Downtown Alive”.  Also Youth Program begins.

Saturday Oct 15th-- Festivals Acadiens et Creoles at Girard Park , Lafayette. GRA
Hospitality Tent with workshops, Acadian Artist and other activities.

Sunday Oct 16th--Lafayette Girard Park with GRA closing ceremonies and Mass at
10:00 am and grand parade procession around the park at 11:00 am.
Lets hope that there will be something special for everyone that attends.  Please involve
the young people in your family as there will be activities especially for the youth group.

BOURG/BOURQUE FAMILY INVOLVEMENT:  We certainly want to urge and encourage members of
“La Famille Bourg/Bourque Acadienne Inc” to attend and be  involved in some of the activities listed in
the above schedule.  Especially try to attend those in your area if possible and bring friends and family
members to share in the
experience. At this time we are specifically planning to have a display table for the
Family Association on Oct 13th at the Lafayette Convention Center in the upstairs meeting room.
We plan to have a revised edition of our book, first published during
Congres Mondial Acadien in 1999 titled “Ancestral Lines of Bourg Descendants”.
Anyone wishing to have their Ancestral Line in the book or to update what they have in the book already,
should send in their information to us at the contact address listed for  the organization. Deadline for sending
in the information is July 1, 2011. On the 13th at 12:00 noon we plan to have a Luncheon for Bourg/Bourque
members and their familymembers at Don’s Seafood Hut located at 4309 Johnston St. (Hwy 167). This will be a
Dutch Treat luncheon and will include a brief business meeting.  So that we can plan for
the meeting and seating area at the Restaurant, we do need for members to RSVP if they
plan to attend.  Please RSVP to James Bourque at jbourque33@cox.net  or call 337-856-4240 or mail to:
1340 Détente Rd., Youngsville, Louisiana 70592.  Deadline for reservations is starting now until 1 July 2011.
We know that the reservation deadline is early but we do have to make a commitment early at the Restaurant
so please help us do that.  There will be limited seating so reserve early.  We really appreciate your
cooperation and hope that we get a large enough group so that we can meet and hear about the Bourg/Bourque
story. Merci  beaucoup.

Regarding the information for the book on Ancestral Lines you should submit the following information
starting at the top of the page. 
   ANTOINE BOURG: Born in Martaize, France in 1609. Married ca 1642 Port Royal
Spouse: ANTOINETTE LANDRY: Born ca 1618 La Chaussee, France
Father: Jean-Claude Landry Mother: Marie Sales
Note: List every generation with the above information until you reach yourself. Include
          your name, mailing address, and e-mail as the submitter.  

E-MAIL APPEAL: Because of the high cost of printing and mailing a newsletter we really need to update
the e-mail list that we have now and we also need to add e-mail addresses for other members.  Therefore,
we again appeal to all members that have an    e-mail address to send it to us at jbourque33@cox.net so that
we can keep you updated on the activities of the organization. If you did get this newsletter by e-mail,
then this does not apply to you.  Many thanks for your cooperation. 

CONTACT INFORMATION:  www.caf.org    jbourque33@cox.net    337-856-4240





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