Famille Benoit

The Famille Benoit Reunion of August 13, 1999 was a success, thanks to the members who helped plan and worked so hard at the reunion.  We had an attendance of 250 people at the Reunion.

Many at the Reunion were interested in genealogy.  We thank Dot Veillon for the hard work she did compiling her Famille Benoit genealogical information and making it available to us

Lt. Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco visited us during the Reunion and addressed the gathering.  She also made the following presentations:
Oldest person at the reunion - Marie Amiee Benoit Gilbert-A platter emblasoned with the Famille Benoit Crest.
Youngest person at the Reunion - Kelli Aline Fontenot - A large paperweight also emblazoned with the Famille Benoit Crest.

Our guest speaker, Victor Luce and his wife Gisele Saulnier were presented a  Louisiana Basket prepared by Dot Veillon for traveling the farthest - from St. Irenee', New Brunswick, Canada

Directors and Officers were presented paperweights with Famille Benoit Crest:
Front Row:  Ray and Louise Courvell, Verlie Benoit Mier, Mary Champagne
Back Roy:  Ella Hebert, Marie Amiee Benoit Gilbert, Mary Lee Bourque,
Ruby Melancon, Juanita Fortier, Dot and Harry Veillon, John Melancon.

Special door prize winners were:
Acadie Coverlet - Dot Veillon
Victorian Throw made by Ruby - Lena Benoit Tully

John and I would like to thank the family for the beautiful plaque we were presented at the Reunion.  It is displayed in a special place of honor in our home.    Ruby



Benoit Nova Scotia Reunion-2004