La Réunion des Babineaux et Granger, Inc.

Congré Mondial - 2004 - Nova Scotia Reunion

  La Réunion des Babineaux et Granger, Inc. was held Amherst, Nova Scotia in conjunction with the 2004 Congres Mondial.   The reunions were held on August 8 and 15, 2004.

Following are a few pictures of the events taken by Tom Wicker.  More news and photos will follow when available.

General Crowd at the Reunion

Tom Wicker getting ready to address the gathering of Babineau(x) and Grangers.

Granger Family Attendees

Some of the Louisiana Attendees.

La Reunion des Babineaux et Granger Association Attendees.

Marching to Church in Amherst for French Mass.

The crowd keeping in step to the Church for the French Mass.

Entering the Church for French Mass.

Les Drapeau Canadien, Nouvelle Ecosse et Acadie!

Always ready to help.  Lea Anne Babineaux LeJeune serving Chef Roy Lyons
Jambalaya on Louisiana Day at Grand Pre, August 9, 2004

Not to be outdone, Ray LeJeune is also doing his part in serving.

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